Channel 4 confirms transmission date for Belgian crime drama 13 Commandments

Earlier this week, we previewed Rough Justice – a Belgian series that starts on More4 this Friday (9th March) – and now there’s news of another crime series from Belgium that has been snapped up by the Channel 4’s Walter Presents brand. It’s called 13 Commandments (13 Geboden) and we now know it’ll be on.

The lowdown is this:

When a self-proclaimed modern-day Moses commits a series of gruesome crimes based on the 10 commandments, in a similar vein to Seven, he hopes to jolt society’s conscience by highlighting these values which have vanished from contemporary life. But when his crimes are unexpectedly applauded by the public, becoming a social media sensation, it makes the job of the police trying to catch him infinitely harder.

Initially restrained by thou shalt not kill, the culprit brutally punishes but does not murder his victims, however as the 10th commandment is surpassed the crimes take a sinister turn. Set with the task of investigating and finding the killer are Peter Devriendt, a jaded but brilliant cop nearing retirement and his ambitious young partner, Vicky Degraeve, freshly drafted in from the special forces squad following a tragic accident. Both are drawn into an impossible hunt for the murderer—who becomes increasingly popular, despite the cruelty of his deeply disturbing crimes.

There are a few familiar faces, too: Ella Leyers of Professor T, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, tfrom Rough Justice and Dirk Van Dijck who starred in Salamander.

13 Commandments: Sunday 18th March, Channel 4, 10pm (and then all episodes on All4)


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