BBC Four reschedules Below The Surface

On Saturday we brought you the news that episodes five and six of Danish hostage drama, Below The Surface, had been postponed by BBC Four after the terrorist attack in France a day or so earlier. Surprisingly, many people were angry and upset, but the good news is that the episodes have been rescheduled and will air this Saturday (30th March) in the normal time slot. This means the final two episodes will be broadcast on Saturday 7th April, and the start of a certain Belgian crime drama will be put back a week.

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  1. Neil Anderson says:

    If you follow this strange postponement to it’s logical conclusion, there will be very few programmes with people using guns on the screens. Every day there are events in USA which would be worthy of postponing any programmes featuring the use of guns, but people killed in USA aren’t significant ? Why do the BBC think that people (particularly BBC 4 viewers who tend to be rather more grown-up than their general audience mix.) would be in any way effected by the events in Carcasonne, and in the unlikely event that they were, why the BBC doesn’t think that people could choose to watch it either (a) not at all, or (b) at some later time when they are not traumatised by events in France.


  2. malerogue says:

    BBC PC crap yet again….Auntie knows best I think not.


  3. Gerry Bell says:

    Sat is NOT the 30th March as you posted above BBC! It’s March 31st!!!!!!! Try to get things correct, especially after denying us viewing last week!


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      That was my mistake, Gerry, not the BBC’s. So pipe down and relax.


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