Netflix acquires French crime drama La Forêt

French crime drama is now a real force in the international canon, thanks to Spiral and Witnesses, and recently Netflix has been plundering the world, securing crime dramas from here, there and everywhere. And that includes France.

We’ve already had La Mante and The Frozen Dead, and we have La Forêt (The Forest), a six-part series starring Samuel Labarthe and Suzanne Clément.

So here’s the synopsis:

In a small and quiet village in the Ardennes, a 16-year-old girl disappears in the forest in the middle of the night. Captain Gaspard Deker, former military and freshly arrived, leads the investigation with Virginie Musso, the local police officer. Soon enough, the leads multiply and one after another the villagers are listed as suspects.

And here’s a trailer:

Not only do we have a synopsis and a trailer, we also have a transmission date:

La Forêt: From Friday 29th June, Netflix

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ezechias nieves sr says:

    a wonderful crime drama,i love it


  2. Anna says:

    This was an exceptional series! I can’t wait for more!!! Please give me more!!!!


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