ITV cancels Rowan Atkinson’s Maigret

When the BBC entered into a new relationship with Agatha Christie Limited to produce new versions of the late author’s work, many wondered aloud what its rival, ITV, was going to do to fill the Golden Age-sizedhole the likes of Miss Marple and Poirot.

It filled it with a new, ongoing adaptation of Georges Simenon’s Maigret novels and hired Rowan Atkinson as the titular, Paris-based detective.

Now, only after four episodes, ITV has cancelled the show.

According to TV Wise:

A representative for the channel confirmed that they have “no current plans” for more Maigret. The news comes nearly six months after Maigret In Montmartre aired on ITV; managing a consolidated audience of close to six million viewers. For his part, Atkinson wont be hurting for work, he is currently committed to reprising his role as Johnny English in Johnny English Strikes Again, which is set to be released later this year.

It’s a shame because Atkinson was beginning to find his feet as Maigret and the stories were improving with each episode. But it’s au revoir to Atkinson and Maigret. But it’s still a case of plus ça changeplus c’est la même chose for ITV: what will fill the Golden Age-sized hole?



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  1. Larry says:

    Sorry to hear that. The series had its flaws but was generally well-done and entertaining. Atkinson was always an odd casting choice for Maigret. In the novels, Maigret is physically a large man, much more like a previous portrayer, Michael Gambon. Still, Atkinson’s understated performances built up a Maigret character with a gravitas that suited.


    1. Carla Walters says:

      I found Rowen Atkinson amazing as Maigret. Bring him back please.


  2. I have enjoyed this series. Didn’t think I would, with Rowan Atkinson, but he carried it well.
    I had seen an airing of one of the originals, and found it ponderously slow – and so expected the same here.
    No, it was a good series, and I admit to being very disappointed with this decision.


  3. Keith OSWIN says:

    Sad news . The series was very well done and full of period atmosphere. Atkinson carried lovely gravitas in the role too.


  4. Peter Smith says:

    ” Atkinson was beginning to find his feet as Maigret and the stories were improving.”
    But this was after four episodes!

    Sorry, but I don’t have the patience to wait that long!


  5. Seija says:

    Sad to hear that. I enjoyed the series a lot.


  6. Andy D says:

    I assume the BBC might still have the rights but a new series of the Lord Wimsey stories would be perfect Golden Age material.

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  7. Tolla Anderson says:

    So ITV has cancelled Maigret. Not happy. A totally stupid decision. Sadly we will now not being seeing the beautiful Madame Maigret and the other wonderful Detectives and characters that make up this show. The whole show had that beautiful European feeling and showcased the talent of Rowan Atkinson in a dramatic role. Anyone else kept on thinking Mr. Bean is going to appear any minute now? Quality drama is hard to come by in this age of instant gratification and Maigret hit the spot. The future? Let us hope ITV changes its mind.

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  8. AdminBoss says:

    This is disappointing news. Maigret was the only thing worth watching on TV last Christmas. Rowan Atkinson was surprisingly good in the role and I loved the recreation of 50s Paris. Mainstream TV just appears to be going further downhill. Thank goodness for Scandi drama (and Belgian ones too for that matter). As for BBC they will probably keep producing things like the appalling The Split.

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  9. Terry says:

    Too bad it was cancelled. I liked Rowan’s serious side in portraying Maigret.

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  10. Vikki Fenlon says:

    Such a shame to not go forward with an obviously popular show. Theach atmosphere of France and the Paris of the time took me happily back to my childhood, where I lived in a small village in central France until I was seventeen, and visits to my elegant Great Aunt in Paris. Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal I thought caught the character very well and the rest of the cast too are worthy of praise. I sincerely hope ITV will listen to public feeling and continue the series in it’s current format

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  11. Chris says:

    Shame! Who makes these decisions? they don’t know their job…I expect it will be replaced with another brain numbing reality show…I enjoyed the show and my American friends learnt something…great great pity.

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  12. Josie Claridge says:

    Brilliant portrayal by Rowan Atkinson. He has made Maigret his own and his performance has a slow paced thoughtfulness that draws you back to the methodical police ways of France in the 50s, atmosphere reeking with pipe smoke and serge suits. Bring him back!

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  13. jean-raymond Charlier says:

    Atkinson is, and will always be, Mr Bean. He is a comic, successor of Jerry Lewis and similar, and will never be outcasted as the comic idiot, whatever his efforts to be different (John English and others)
    Casting him as Maigret is physically incorrect: he is NOT the maigret of Simenon! (Not like Suchet, first wrongly casted as the inspector Jap with Ustinov as Poitot, and later correctly casted as Poirot to replace Ustinov!)
    Casting Atkinson as Maigret is an insult to readers of the original Simenon novels: he is NOTHING like Maigret. I will watch the casting team: any name reported there will be crossed as “totally incompetent”.
    This has NOTHING to do with Atkinson. Sorry. As Mr Bean, he is still make me laugth1 But as Maigret? Sorry, I change channel as soon as he appears…
    I like Mr Bean.
    But as Maigret?
    It makes me VOMIT.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thought he grew into the role, to be honest. As for the nausea, drink a cup of fresh mint tea, it does wonders.

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  14. LANCE PAUL Krzywicki says:

    Why does ITV always cancel their best shows. I am so sick of ITV and it’s lack of understanding their audience.

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  15. Seija says:

    Well, it seems ITV has ended all their period shows from around the 40s and 50s, and are only showing series depicting eras from the 60s and forward… Endeavour, Vera and Cold Feet being their flagships atm. Am I right or am I wrong?


  16. Carol says:

    I really loved the Maigret series with Rowan Atkinson et al. Rowan was exceptional as Maigret: i found the
    entire cast exceptional. The series is a “rich tapestry”. Why would they cancel such a truly wonderful show.
    A shame and a great loss of excellent film.

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  17. Patricia Eastwood says:

    Please please do more of these Maigret’s they are fabulous

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  18. Nuno Miguel Marques Sousa says:

    Hope they revert the decision at some stage. I really enjoyed Atkinson as Maigret. In fact, to me it is his best character.

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  19. Jean Jacques says:

    I think he was a terrible choice for the role, if you read the books Atkinson is nothing like Maigret. This was a miscast vanity project. For those whom speak French have a look at the French TV version on line.


  20. Elayne St Pierre says:

    Enjoyed the series, and looked to see more than just four. Greatly disappointing, Canadian TV doesn’t appear to have any quality with the mysteries.


  21. Leslie N Jabine says:

    Just goes to show how stupid corporate decisions are. As to comparisons to prior Maigrets, I’ve seen them, who cares? Rowan Atkinson was doing a beautiful job, along with the other actors. Comic actors often have a well of sadness to pull from, look at Robin Williams. I love Atkinson’s portrayal. And I liked how the series showed more empathy for the victims than the criminals. I also like period dramas.


  22. Steve says:

    Just stumbled on Maigret with Rowan. At first I was hesitant to watch because of his comedic history, but I REALLY enjoyed his sober portrayal of the character. Please bring him back.


  23. Lou Nyiri says:

    As everyone said it’s very disappointing that Maigret series were canceled, I enjoy very much to watch them, specially transporting us to that era and feel the beautiful Paris, since when it become to air I watched and until today 2021 it’s still my favourite show.. well done! Hoping and Please rethink and give us a chance enjoying series well done again.. 🤔


  24. Richard H Tunningley says:

    Best Maigret. Great atmosphere. I could smell the Gaulloise, Disque Bleu.


  25. Beverley says:

    Such a shame . Rowan was wonderful and the cast really excellent.
    Boo sucks Itv. Make another awful and degrading reality show instead.


  26. Julie says:

    So wrong Absolutely loved that program don’t see why it can’t be shared on the telly should think about what are the people wanna watch know what BBC wanna do


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