First trailer released for The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco

There was much rejoicing when it was announced the Britbox – the US streaming service jointly created by the BBC and ITV – was to ressurect The Bletchley Circle, the ITV crime drama that ran for two series.

This new incarnation is to be called The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco and is set, well… it does what it says on the tin. Now we not only have some plotlines and an idea when it will start, but also a trailer.

The new show follows cryptographers-turned-detectives Jean (Julie Graham) and Millie (Rachael Stirling) as they head to San Francisco to investigate the murder of a friend.

Once in the US, the pair teams up with local female code-breakers and tackle an array of mysteries in the Bay Area. The series has four stories, with two hour-long episodes dedicated to each. The trailer sees the team investigating a crime scene in a decrepit house, which they realise is linked to an earlier crime that took place in the UK.

Here’s the trailer.

According BritBox’s youtube page and Deadline, The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco will start in July in the US (exact date TBC) and will land in the UK on ITV sometime later.

More news when we get it.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    Thank you so much for the update! :) My husband and I had been thinking of signing up for Brit Box and this just might be the push we need to do it, since we both loved The Bletchley Circle!


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Nice one Emily, let us know what it’s like!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Terry says:

    Do you know if they will shoot on location in San Francisco?


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Hi Terry. If it’s on in July, it’ll have wrapped filming quite a while ago!


  3. Terry says:

    P.S. I ask because I live in San Francisco, California.


    1. Andy D says:

      Terry it seems it was filmed on location in London and Vancouver, which is not uncommon for shows with a set budget – so I guess there will be a bit of film trickery to recreate the San Francisco of that era!


  4. Terry says:

    Andy D: Thanks for the info!


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