Channel 4/All4 announce transmission date for Spanish series Night And Day

After the torrid but hugely entertaining time I Know Who You Are put us through we’re keeping an eye open for any new Spanish crime drama.

The next to arrive on our shores is Night And Day (Nit i Dia) thanks to Walter Presents.

It tells the story of Sara Grau, a forensic pathologist married to a high-flying corporate executive named Lluis. Although Lluis and who is desperate to start a family. Sara is secretly unsure and unbeknown to Lluis, has been frequently sleeping with nameless men she meets out late at night. One day, Sara is called to the scene of a car crash in which a woman and a man have died. When Sara is performing an autopsy on the man’s body she recognises a tattoo on his arm – the same tattoo on a man she had a one-night stand with a few weeks back. Very soon, Sara finds herself embroiled in a dangerous web of torture, abuse and scandal with all roads pointing to a serial killer with a penchant for pensioners – known to the police as ‘The Granny Killer’.

Night And Day: Sunday 1st July, 10pm, Channel 4 (then all episodes on All4)

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  1. Sara Latham says:

    Have to say, after almost bypassing this, I’m close to the end of the series and have really enjoyed it. Compelling, thought provoking and very watchable. It has shades of the wonderful Sprial (legal/criminal/forensic) and I think the characters will stand up to another series. Worth a watch!


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