BBC announces details of new daytime crime drama

The BBC has had some success with its daytime crime dramas – Father Brown, The Coroner and Shakespeare & Hathaway have proved to be mild hits, all of which have been recommissioned for more series.

Now we hear the corporation is to add to its daytime crime slate.

The Mallorca Files, set amongst the expat community on the eponymous Spanish island, features a British and German detective clashing over their very different approaches to policing the island. While self-confessed introverted Brit Miranda Blake takes her career (as well as everything else in life) seriously, German Max Wolf is a classic extrovert and unashamedly unconventional. The combination of these two characters and the sun-drenched setting sets the stage for humour as well as thrills, as the duo do battle to solve each new crime.

Created by Dan Sefton (pictured), no casting has been announced yet.

More news etc.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Colin C says:

    I thought the Coroner had been cancelled, has it been reprieved? I liked it because it’s shot near where I live, so enjoyed location spotting.


    1. Seija says:

      It would not seem so according to the Radio Times
      Unless some other company has picked it up?


    2. Paul Hirons says:

      Yes, sorry Colin – I meant all three had been recommissioned at one time or another. The Coroner has, as you rightly say, been shelved.


    3. Joan F. Fontenot says:

      We get to see it on our local PBS station. I am sure they are reruns, but I am enjoying them.


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