BBC Four snaps up German hostage drama

We’ve been hearing whispers in the wind about what is coming next in the Saturday-night, 9pm foreign-language crime slot on BBC Four, and now we’re hearing that the Beeb has bought a new hostage drama from Germany.

No stranger to hostage dramas – thanks to Denmark’s Below The Surface shown earlier this year – the channel will broadcast 54 Hours, described as one of ‘buzziest German dramas of recent times’.

Variety reports that series is based on real-life events.

The Gladbeck crisis was one of the biggest crime cases in postwar German history. The series dramatizes the events following a bank raid gone wrong. The robbers took several hostages and, while being pursued by police and tracked by the media over several days, traveled across several West German state lines. The ensuing murder and carnage unfolded in a media circus that saw reporters interview hostages while they were still being held at gunpoint. The debacle ultimately led to new rules governing media coverage, and the police were accused of bungling their handling of the case.

“’54 Hours’ is a finely crafted, enthralling drama based on one of the most notorious real-life incidents in recent German history,” Sue Deeks, BBC head of program acquisition, told Variety. “We’re incredibly pleased to bring it to BBC Four later this year.”

So, look out for it… likely to be incoming in the autumn.


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