Spiral featurette hints at series seven storylines

Earlier this year, we brought you news that series seven of Spiral had begun filming in Paris. This seventh series is to be the show’s last, and now information and images are starting to be drip-fed out into the ether.

This is what we know so far:

While the group of Laure Berthaud has shattered, a double homicide in a Chinese restaurant in Belleville will bring together the tandem formed by Laure and Gilou. What appears as a simple robbery that went wrong turns out to be a complex case that will bring the group to investigate hidden financial networks. Our heroes will be faced with unexpected obstacles, drawn up by their own hierarchy.This time, the small arrangements with the procedure will not be enough and they will be faced with a dilemma that everyone will have to manage in their own way: to renounce the truth or to betray the institution they have always served.

A few days ago, the show’s official facebook page released this behind-the-scenes featurette including a snipper on series seven, as well as showcasing other dramas on Canal + later in the year.

We asked a French-speaking friend to translate for us, and this is what she said:

Thierry Godard (Gilou) sais that there will be new characters in this “explosive” seventh series, as a new investigation into large amounts of cash turning up in bundles.

So we’re getting somewhere with Spiral. The seventh series starts in France this autumn, and we’re expecting it to follow on BBC Four early next year.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy D says:

    Roban and Josephine are back, that’s all I needed to know!


  2. Colin C says:

    No Tin-Tin?


  3. Anne says:

    Season 7 is to be their last?! Say it isn’t so!


  4. me says:

    god i hope they aren’t kissing again.. it felt like incest


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