The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th July)

What to watch now The Bridge has finished? There should be a period of global mourning, but the crime drama wheel carries on spinning, regardless. One thing we’re excited about this week is the start of Indian drama, Sacred Games, on Netflix, which looks great, and two new South American series on Walter Presents/All4. Enjoy!

1 Hidden (Craith)
S1 E5/8
The post-mortem results reveal the brutal horror of Mali Pryce’s circumstances, prompting the urgency of the investigation to increase. Meanwhile, DI Cadi John sees that her father’s health is rapidly failing and realising that her dad may have been critical in the wrongful arrest of Endaf Elwy, she knows she must face a difficult conversation with him.
Wednesday 4th July, 9pm, BBC One Wales
Saturday 7th July, BBC Four

Police officer Sartaj Singh receives an anonymous tip about the whereabouts of criminal overlord Ganesh Gaitonde; amidst the chaos, trappings of the corrupt underworld are revealed. Based on the novel by Vikram Chandra.
From Friday 6th July, Netflix

S6 E7/21
Holmes’s journey to recovery hits a major setback as his neurological condition regresses. As his sobriety waivers, those closest to him become concerned when his commitment to catching a serial killer grows into an obsession – especially as the latest victim is someone close to his inner circle.
Monday 2nd July, 9pm, Sky Living

Rio de Janeiro, 2010: Just as the Brazilian government launch a military-assisted siege on one of the city’s most notorious and criminally-controlled favelas, the identities of four undercover policemen operating in the slum are accidentally leaked. As violence mounts, the favela’s ruthless boss, Playboy, orders his men to hunt down those who have betrayed him.
From Friday 6th July, Walter Presents/All4

5 La Chica Que Limpia *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
When a crooked manager at the local boxing club is murdered, the club’s cleaner, Rosa, is forced at gunpoint to clean up after the mafia-related hit. Scared for her life, but handsomely paid for her part in the crime, single mother Rosa uses her immaculate cleaning skills and, with no choice in the matter, begins to act as the regular “cleaning lady” for the gang.
From Friday 6th July, Walter Presents/All 4

6 An Inspector Calls *REPEAT*
Adaptation of JB Priestley’s stage play. In 1912, a detective (David Thewlis) arrives in a town where a young woman has committed suicide. Interrupting a wealthy family in the midst of a lavish party, he unravels the events that led to the woman’s death – an investigation with devastating repercussions as secrets are exposed and each member of the family realises they have all unwittingly played a part.
Friday 6th July, 10pm, Drama

S6 E8/10
Vic and Walt search for Shane Muldoon, and Cady’s office is trashed.
Friday 6th July, 9.55pm, 5USA

S1 E5/10
Rick struggles with the casting process as Amara considers future film investment opportunities. Katie and Emma visit Miles in Los Angeles.
Wednesday 4th July, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

S1 E4/10
Harley wants to fire a real gun, but when he and Sam investigate the death of a tech entrepreneur, he learns that shooting people is not so easy after all.
Wednesday 4th July, 9pm, Alibi

10 Foyle’s War *REPEAT*
S3 E2/4
Sam and Foyle are shot at and almost run over by a speeding vehicle, and discover the incident is part of an illicit fuel racket. An undercover investigation reveals the detective’s son Andrew to be involved, and the discovery that a driver at the petrol company has been murdered complicates matters further.
Monday 2nd July, 10pm, ITV3




2 thoughts on “The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th July)”

  1. Great list. I remember reading An Inspector Calls for GCSE English in the 80s. Have set it to record, though it seems to be on at 10pm now.


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