First trailer for Chris Pine’s I Am The Night

Never let it be said that television is the inferior medium to blockbuster movies. Increasingly, we’re seeing stars from the big screen take work in more rewarding projects on the small screen. The latest to make the jump is Star Trek‘s Chris Pine, who is to star and exec-produce a new series for TNT, the recent home of The Alienist (see our review of that here), called I Am The Night.

According to Slash Film, I Am The Night is…

A new limited TNT series that adapts the true story of Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) a young girl who discovers that she has been lied to about her lineage. But as she runs away from home to investigate her past, she soon finds darker and much more disturbing details than she could have ever anticipated. And it may have something to do with the Black Dahlia murders. Pine stars as Jay Singletary, a reporter who gets drawn into Fauna’s case and decides to help her.

You had us at Black Dahlia…

Here’s the trailer:

A word of extra note here: for this great-looking series, Pine reunites with Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, which adds more pedigree to the whole thing.

Expect this to drop in January 2019 in the US and then, hopefully like The Alienist, on a streaming service for the rest of the world.


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