Netflix to produce first ever Austrian crime drama, featuring Sigmund Freud

Netflix is going great guns at the moment, and I noted in a recent article on Den Of Geek that the streaming giant has 54 series in production. That’s a lot.

Now you can add another one to the list, and one that furthers the service’s links with Europe and. A co-production with Satel Film/Bavaria Fiction, Freud is its first Austrian series, and yes, the main character is Sigmund Freud himself.

Deadline reports:

The story sees Sigmund Freud in Vienna in 1886, just as his revolutionary theories are being met with strong opposition from colleagues and wider Austrian society. It’s at this time he meets the war veteran and policeman ​Alfred​ Kiss and notorious medium Fleur Salomé and unwittingly becomes part of the hunt for a serial killer.

The thriller will blend its period setting with a contemporary style, and is billed as a modern, sexy and suspenseful take on the life of the celebrated doctor.

Directed by Marvin Kren (Tatort, 4 Blocks), Freud is currently casting the eight-episode series. Production is due to start in fall 2018. Kren is writer with Tatort‘s Stefan Brunner and 4 Blocks‘ Benjamin Hessler. Exec producers are Heinrich Ambrosch (A Fortunate Man) for Satel Film and Moritz Polter (Das Boot) for Bavaria Fiction.

So a mixture of the scientific and the paranormal, all set in the late(ish) 19th century. We’ve already seen this in The Alienist (also on Netflix), and this sounds interesting.

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  1. Indeed, it sounds very interesting!


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