The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 30th July – 5th August)

Here we go, then. Another week in crime drama land, with the big guns still going strong – Sharp Objects, Unforgotten, Picnic… and Dicte all continue. There is one, brand-new series starting this week: BBC Four’s next Saturday-night crime drama from overseas is series two of Cardinal (subtitled Black Fly Season). Enjoy!

S1 E4/8
Camille agrees to take Richard on a tour of some of Wind Gap’s crime scenes. Elsewhere, Chief Vickery becomes concerned about an annual event.
Monday 30th July, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

S3 E4/6
It becomes clear to the detectives that the four men have conspired to come up with a false account of what took place the night Hayley disappeared. Jake is assigned to track down Tim Finch’s ex-wife to hear her version of events – and uncovers disturbing information about Chris Lowe’s past. On a personal front, Sunny is offered the opportunity to rekindle his past marriage, and Cassie worries about her father’s failing memory.
Sunday 5th August, 9pm, ITV

3 Picnic At Hanging Rock *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
S1 E4/6
A series of flashbacks tell the story of the missing girls in the months leading up to the picnic. Meanwhile, Hester struggles to contain mounting hysteria in the school, as students are withdrawn from the college by worried parents. She takes the remaining girls to church as a display of normality, but leaves the young orphan Sara behind, as punishment for ongoing defiance.
Wednesday 1st August, 9pm, BBC Two

4 Dicte – Crime Reporter *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
S3 E4/5
Anne, Torsten and Rose take Dicte to the funfair. A robbery at the venue leads the disillusioned and miserable crime reporter to suspect it may be tied to somebody with huge gambling debts. In the newsroom, Steffen struggles to re-establish working relations between Dicte and Bo. Elsewhere, the thought of becoming a mother occupies Rose’s mind constantly, while in Geneva Anne works round the clock at her new job, putting her life as a wife and mother on hold. 
Friday 3rd August, 9pm, More4

5 Cardinal: Black Fly Season *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
S2 E1&2/6
Delorme and Cardinal dive into a mysterious new case, when a woman appears at a roadside bar with a bullet in her head and no memory of who she is.
Saturday 4th August, 9pm, BBC Four

6 The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
S3 E2/4
It becomes clear that San Francisco is in the grip of a killer with a dark and complex agenda now menacing Iris’s own neighbourhood. As the four unlikely allies struggled to be able to work together, they not only expose a twisted operation, but also forge powerful and lasting bonds. 
Wednesday 1st August, 9pm, ITV

S6 E11/21
Holmes engages with an old enemy to protect his father, and together with Watson he searches for the killer of a lawyer who was reviewing a tobacco company’s finances.
Monday 30th July, 9pm, Sky Living

8 Keeping Faith *REPEAT*
S1 E4/8
The troubled lawyer fears for her family’s safety so she takes shelter in a hotel and meets up with Steve, who tells her that Evan might have had links with a notorious family of drug dealers. As Faith looks into the lead, she is drawn deeper into Abercorran’s sinister underbelly. Meanwhile, Bethan begins to feel the aftershocks of Marion’s revelation, Dr Alpay proposes a deal to Cerys and a disturbing discovery in the woods by Terry results in Williams building a case against Faith.
Thursday 2nd August, 9pm, BBC One

9 Lewis *REPEAT*
S8 E2/6
Most people, when they retire, look forward to having more time for themselves to enjoy all the things they never had time to do when they were working. But not Robbie Lewis. When this series returned for a new run last week, he was a man lost and, despite his attempts to build a wooden canoe, was feeling rudderless. So, he jumped at the chance to return to the police force, albeit in a temporary capacity. He and Hathaway are working together again, but with the younger man in charge of a case involving the murder of a neurosurgeon. Sadly, when this episode gets underway, Hathaway’s theory about whodunit falls apart – his prime suspect is found murdered. But is he a big enough man to accept some advice from his former mentor?
Monday 30th July, 9pm, ITV

S1 E3/10
Daniel and Dass head north to investigate the discovery of a human arm in a crocodile’s stomach.
Tuesday 31st July, 9pm, Alibi



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