Israeli crime drama for Walter Presents

You can always rely on Walter Presents – that little corner of Channel 4’s All4 VOD service – to scour the globe for some of the stuff we wouldn’t normally get to watch.

The brand has now gone to Israel for its next series. Mama’s Angel is a 10-part series that starts in a week or so’s time.

On the eve of Yom Kippur Yael, a prison therapist is assigned a new inmate: a man imprisoned for murdering his own children. The following morning, in a twisted turn of events, Yael’s seven-year-old son, Kfir, is found dead beside an Air Force heroes monument – a memorial which had been vandalised the very same night by an 18-year-old Ethiopian artist, who becomes the prime suspect in the case.

Mama’s Angel follows the ensuing police investigation and the shattered lives of this small, close-knit community; from the grieving parents to the CSI expert who believes they’ve got the wrong man. The series was nominated for ‘Best Drama Series’ at the Israeli Television Academy Award.

Mama’s Angel: Sunday 12th August, 10pm, Channel 4 (then all episodes on All4)


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  1. AdminBoss says:

    Sounds interesting

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  2. Terry says:

    This sounds good. I shall check it out!

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  3. Elizabeth Macpherson says:

    One for my diary.


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