HBO releases first trailer for True Detective III

We’ve just released our Autumn/Winter crime drama preview, but here’s something for early 2019: the third series of True Detective.

A past Killing Times Crime Drama Of The Year, the HBO series has recruited some great names for its third run, of which Oscar winner Mahershala Ali,  Sarah Gadon and Stephen Dorff are the headliners.

Here’s the first trailer:

It looks intriguing (and dark) on first viewing, with Ali’s Hays operating in two different time periods and being haunted by a crime back in what looks like the 1970s. It’s set in the Ozarks, we know that, and the fact that it is operating in two different time periods suggests a similarity to series one.

Roll on January.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. charlotteash says:

    Looking forward to this. Ali was excellent in House of Cards.


  2. Michelle finnemore says:

    Unable to watch trailer in Australia. 😞


    1. Seija says:

      Michelle Finnemore, same often happens to me on this site with the trailers (must be something with the settings when Paul loads up the trailers from YT?), so I have learned to go directly to youtube, write down he search in the search box et voilá, usually get to see the trailer. Same thing this time, I used ‘true detective season 3’ as search and was able to see the trailer :)


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