BBC iPlayer makes available all episodes of Luther

With the new, fifth series of Luther imminent, BBC iPlayer has dropped every single episode of the top-rating cop show, starring Idris Elba, onto its streaming service.

The the new series around the corner, it’s a great way to catch-up. Fill your boots.


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  1. Elizabeth Macpherson says:

    Gee I thought BBC were actually dropping Luther from their schedule. Phew!

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    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Yeah probably not the wisest choice of words in that headline. Will change

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  2. soulman1949 says:

    Me too! But I’m delighted by this news because, for some reason, I missed most of the episodes so this is a brill way to catch up. Thank you Beeb and thank you “Killing Times” for letting us know.

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  3. COOKE says:

    Actually all episodes have been showing on iplayer for at least a week.
    Haven’t been able to face the whole lot, I’m hoping they do a short ‘story so far’ trailer, as they did for ‘Line of Duty’!


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