The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 26th November – Sunday 2nd December)

Well readers, by the end of next week we’ll be into December and you know what that means – not only is the brand-new stuff slowing down considerably, but we’re preparing to make our end-of-year lists and celebrate the year that was. Until that moment, BBC Four rolls out series one of The Sinner, and Get Shorty and The Brokenwood Mysteries continue. Enjoy!

1 The Sinner *REPEAT*
S1 E1&2/8
During an afternoon at the beach with her husband and son, a woman is consumed by a fit of rage and commits a startling and very public act of violence without understanding why, but Detective Harry Ambrose is determined to find the answer.
Saturday 1st December, 9pm, BBC Four

S2 E8/10
A new development from the FBI throws Miles into survival mode. Meanwhile, Rick asks Amara to commit to him, and Louis helps Gladys with her career.
Wednesday 28th November, 10.10pm, Sky Atlantic

3 The Brokenwood Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
S5 E2/4
A bride-to-be and professional tennis player is found dead after her hen party, and the chief bridesmaid, best man and groom-to-be all come under the team’s suspicion.
Friday 30th November, 8pm, Drama

4 True Detective *REPEAT*
S1 E3/8
The detectives locate the revival ministry they believe Dora Lange attended and after questioning the church’s volunteers they learn she was once seen leaving with a tall man whose face was scarred. Cohle scours previous homicides that could be linked to the case and gets another lead that takes them on a state-wide trail, questioning everyone from fishermen to school janitors. Meanwhile, Hart’s jealousy gets the better of him when he spots Lisa on a date with another man.
Tuesday 27th November, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

5 Tin Star *REPEAT*
S1 E3/10
Waking up in a First Nations reserve after blacking out while drunk, Jim discovers that Anna has disappeared and he fears the worst. Elsewhere, Whitey aims to tidy up the evidence that connects the gang to their crime.
Sunday 2nd December, 10pm, Channel 4

6 Shetland *REPEAT*
S3 E5/6
Barefoot and traumatised, Tosh appears at a Glasgow police station and confides in Perez the shocking truth about what happened to her. Though struggling to deal with the disclosure, Perez resolves to continue the investigation into the murders of Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson by tracking down assault victim Kelly Paterson. Calvin Sarwar, McCall’s lawyer, admits he fears reprisals from the gangster, but nevertheless provides a valuable clue to the identity of Tosh’s attacker.
Saturday 1st December, 10pm, Drama 

7 Inspector George Gently *REPEAT*
S1 E2/6
When the beaten body of wealthy German businessman Gunter Schmeikel is discovered in the harbour, Gently and Bacchus are forced to consider whether a barman’s anti-German sentiments are a motive for murder. However, the case takes a sinister turn when a key witness to Schmeikel’s death is revealed to be a killer trained by Army Special Forces.
Thursday 29th November, 8pm, Drama

8 Agatha Christie’s Poirot *REPEATS*
A whole week of Poirot episodes on ITV3.
Monday 26th-Friday 30th November, 8pm, ITV3

9 Castle *REPEAT*
S8 E9/22
Beckett and Castle investigate when a body is found in the theatre staging Martha’s latest show, leading them into the unexpectedly dangerous world of competitive a cappella.
Wednesday 28th November, 9pm, 5USA

10 Murdoch Mysteries *REPEAT*
S9 E13/19
A white man visiting an all-black church for Sunday Service is found dead and the new chief constable is keen to charge a black parishioner even before Murdoch has investigated.
Monday 26th November, 8pm, Drama

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