RVK releases new Trapped series two trailer

Not long to go now until series two of Trapped makes its bow in its native Iceland. Unfortunately, it looks as though it’s going to be a bit longer until we see it in the UK – our guess? February – but it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Producer RVK has released a new, Icelandic-language trailer, so here it is!

Iceland’s looking handsome, the cast is looking furtive (but handsome) and the story looks intriguing. Iceland gets it on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), as does much of Europe.




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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    Ok, so that would be a much shorter wait than for The Bridge, but the beeb are still missing a beat by not broadcasting it straight away.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the right countries are included in “much of Europe”.


  2. Seija says:

    Thumbs up, CC & Paul! Early 2019 should come pretty fast IMO as many countries have shown the reruns of s1 recently. Fertive? Or is it furtive? (had to check it up ;)


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      LOL It is furtive – blame the word festive for that little slip


      1. Seija says:

        It really is looking out to be a FESTIVE season this Christmas and New Year’s: The ABC Murders, Luther and many other British X-mas treats on telly. Now if only we got Trapped thrown in here in Scandinavia our cups would runneth over…


    2. Charlotte Carling says:

      There have been some very quick exports/imports this year. The Bridge, Spring Tide, Ride Upon The Storm, State of Happiness etc. have all been broadcast simultaneously in two or more Nordic countries. I’m feeling positive!


      1. Seija says:

        OMG, CC, let’s hope so!


      2. Charlotte Carling says:

        Just saw that it won’t be simultaneous on SVT or YLE. There is still hope for NRK and DR (they have shorter TV guides so no programming released for 26th yet).


  3. Andy D says:

    As long as it’s cold and snowy when it’s broadcast here, that’s all I want!

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