The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 31st December – Sunday 6th January)

Here we go then – 2019 is GO! A very happy new year to all our readers. Without you, we really wouldn’t exist, and we loved our interactions with you. Keep them coming this year. As for the first week of the new year, there’s plenty to get stuck into. Luther us the big one, transmitted over four nights, but look out for Escape At Dannemora and ITV’s Manhunt – two more high-profile series. Enjoy!

S5 E1-4/4

When a series of monstrous and seemingly indiscriminate killings become ever more audacious and public, DCI John Luther and new recruit DS Catherine Halliday are confounded by a complex tangle of leads and misdirection that seems designed to protect an untouchable corruption. But, even as the case brings him closer than ever to the true face of evil, a reluctant Luther is forced to confront the unburied demons of his own recent past.
Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th January, 9pm, BBC One

2 Escape At Dannemora *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
S1 E1/8

Drama series based on a prison break in New York in 2015, when two convicts escaped prison with the help of a married female prison officer. In the first episode, Joyce ‘Tilly’ Mitchell, a married prison worker, is questioned in connection with the escape of two convicted killers.
Tuesday 1st January, 9pm, Sky Atlantic (or all episodes NOW TV)

S1 E1-3/3
Fact-based crime drama about the 2004 police investigation to bring serial killer Levi Bellfield to justice. The case begins when the dead body of a French student is discovered on Twickenham Green, having sustained fatal head injuries.
Sunday 6th January, 9pm, ITV

4 Professor T (Series 3) *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
S3 1-13/13
After killing the crooked chief-inspector Serge Lauwers to protect Christine, Jasper Teerlinck is immediately incarcerated. For the mysophobic and autistic professor, he could not be thrown into a more challenging situation. However, against all odds he finds a way to embrace his new life and thrive: when a fellow prisoner claims to be wrongly accused of murder, Professor T dusts off his gloves and sets to proving his innocence. They say old habits die hard… His reputation may have been saved within prison and guaranteed him a steady stream of wrongly accused defendants to save, but on the outside the Antwerp police department strongly sense his absence. Despite new talent on the team, they desperately lack his interfering genius to solve the constant supply of complicated crimes that come their way.
From Friday 4th January, All4

5 Black Lake (Series 2) *UK UK PREMIERE EPISODES*
S2 E3&4/8
The circumstances around the woman who vanished from the island appear all the more mysterious. Minnie is determined to gain access to room 5 to seek answers.
Saturday 5th January, 9pm, BBC Four

S1 E1/10

Golden girl Zoe’s been dead for ten years, her body dragged from the River Black after a night out to celebrate the end of school. But now a woman who says she’s Zoe has turned up in her hometown of Blackwater, on the Irish border, with no memory of the last decade. She claims she woke up in a forest nearby, bruised and bleeding, and doesn’t know where she’s been all this time. What happened to her? Is she really Zoe? If so, who’s in her grave?
Sunday 6th January, 8pm, BBC Radio 4

S9 E2/22
The team join the jungle trail of a family man after kidnappers force him to parachute out of a plane.
Sunday 6th January, 9pm, Sky One

8 Endeavour *REPEAT*
S5 E1/6
The newly promoted Detective Sergeant Morse investigates when a famous international thief tries to steal a Faberge egg from an auction. The case leads to the gruesome murders of an academic and a gangster, and Morse is convinced the deaths are the work of the same man. As he struggles with his new responsibilities, he finds himself forced to mentor a younger partner.
Monday 31st January, 8pm, ITV3

9 Agatha & The Truth Of Murder *REPEAT*
S1 E1/1
On January 12, 1920, Florence Nightingale Shore – a nurse and god-daughter of Florence Nightingale – is found brutally beaten on a train, dying four days later due to the extent of her injuries. Driven to distraction by the lack of progress and the failure of the police to catch the killer, Florence’s longtime friend Mabel Rogers begins her own investigation and makes an appeal to Agatha Christie for help. Moved by the plea and eager for the chance to escape from professional and personal problems, the writer agrees to try to solve the case.
Tuesday 1st January, 9pm, 5USA

10 Midsomer Murders *REPEAT*
S19 E1/6
The village of Little Auburn has stood abandoned since the Second World War, but now plans are afoot to restore it to its former glory via three competing projects. It is left to local landowner Roderick Craven to determine which scheme will win out, but on the eve of his big decision, one of the project leaders is murdered. DCI Barnaby and his new partner DS Jamie Winter are soon on the case, and when death stalks the streets of Little Auburn again, Barnaby and Winter are dragged into a web of conspiracy involving fraud, deadly snakes, and Roderick’s estranged brother
Saturday 5th January, 8pm, ITV3

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan Campling says:

    I was wondering if anyone had any further details on ’35 Awr’, which is a new Welsh language 8 part thriller that begins on Sunday the 6th of January at 21:00 on S4C. The only synopsis I could find is as follows:

    Thriller set in a jury room during a murder trial. After two weeks of evidence, the jurors retire to reach a verdict – but within 35 hours, one of them will be killed.

    Sounds really promising and its got a repeat on Friday the 11th which im hoping will follow the pattern of Y Gwyll and Craith and have on-screen English subtitles. Apart from that I’m struggling to find any other info so if anyone can help it would be appreciated.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Hi Dan. Planning on covering it!


    2. Charlotte Carling says:

      The S4C guide says both English and Welsh subs will be available.


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