Netflix confirms Bordertown series two date

Finnish series Bordertown is rather good. Last week we ran a story about series three (read that here), but until that moment, series two is yet to touch down in the UK.

But now Netflix – the global broadcaster outside of Finland – has confirmed that series two is now on the way, and it’s just around the corner. The series tells the story of Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen (the brilliant Ville Virtanen) who takes a new job leading SECRI, the Serious Crime Unit in Lappeenranta, after his wife survives brain cancer. He moves his family to the town near the border of Russia for a more peaceful life.

Here’s a trailer with English subtitles.

Bordertown (Series 2): From Saturday 2nd February, Netflix

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  1. Diana Webb says:

    I enjoy this series very much and was delighted to see Season 2 return. The one Huge” disappointment I have with this season, is it is spoken over their native tongue in English. Many may prefer this, however the voices speaking for the main characters are a distraction for me. Kari for example had such a unique way of speaking and it was so important to his character. The new voice is simply awful, and feels detached from the real actor.
    I will watch the series, but would love to hear the real actors and have to read subtitles. I want to feel the characters and if they are foreign, it is even more important and geniune to hear them personally. Thank you..
    Diana W. Portland, Oregon

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    1. Paul Hirons says:

      HI Diana. The dubbed version is only an option – you can chose to watch it in the original Finnish.


  2. Awful subtitling. The dubbing sounds childish “See Jane run,” sort of thing, but mostly completely
    out of sync with the emotional demeanor of the characters. The reason for watching for me is that the characters have depth, experience and the voice overs express simplistic emotion and are American sounding.

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  3. Connie says:

    I agree about the dubbing. I’m not quite sure how to watch it in the original Finnish but I’d much prefer it


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Connie, you can choose to get rid of the dubbing and watch it in its original language in subtitles


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