BBC confirms transmission date for series five of Shetland

Ever since last week, fans of Shetland – the BBC’s crime series based on the best-selling novels by Ann Cleeves – have been very excited: the first trailer from series five was released to the world, which meant that the series itself was just around the corner.

Now we have confirmation when series five will air on BBC One.

Here’s a trailer:

On a windswept hillside, a young man waits patiently, shivering in a grey suit. He’s waiting for someone. A vehicle appears and he tentatively approaches. A few days later, a jogger on her morning run discovers a severed hand on the beach.

Perez and the team are shocked by the discovery. Even more so, when a holdall containing further body parts, including a head, is found at an inlet nearby.

An initial forensic investigation reveals that the body parts all belong to the same victim. What events led up to this discovery?

Shetland (Series 5): Tuesday 12th February, 9pm, BBC One



5 Comments Add yours

  1. rich seidner says:

    How many episodes? Last season had 6.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Six again, Rich


      1. Seija says:

        Rich & Paul, I may be mistaken but there’s going to be four episodes in S6. I read that somewhere and judging by the info gathered from (series page & number of eps, Russell Lewis’ page – the writer etc.)


      2. Paul Hirons says:

        Six for Shetland, four for Endeavour


      3. Seija says:

        OOPS, sorry Rich and Paul, my bad. I could’ve sworn I was reading the article about Endeavour S6. Okay, that does it, time for me to go nightynight.


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