A Very English Scandal to return with new anthology story

Could A Very English Scandal become the UK’s equivalent to American Crime Story? That seems to be the way things are going when it was revealed that the award-winning series – which saw Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw star in series one last year – is to return, dramatising another true-life story of scandal in modern British history.

Speaking to the Radio Times, producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said that the new, second series would feature the  1963 sex scandal involving Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll.

 The Duchess of Argyll was the first woman to be publicly slut-shamed.

We’re going to focus on the very public divorce from her second husband. He went through her private desk and found a list of all the men she’d slept with, as well as three Polaroid photos of her wearing only her pearls and giving a blow job to a man whose head was out of the picture.

At the time, the news was in all the papers – people thought that it could have been a member of the royal family or the Government or a Hollywood actor. No one still knows who it was.

This is exciting news, not least because the amount of scandal committed by the British upper classes throughout the 20th century means that this concept could run and run.


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  1. Seija says:

    Loved the initial story with Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw, and probably will love this upcoming story, as well, since Sarah Phelps has been asked to write the script. So far, I have liked all series written by her that I have seen. Really hope she’ll do it!

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  2. Jane says:

    Not sure how this will work out as there was the element of the murder in the first one.


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