John Simm to star in Finnish series Cold Courage

We’ve already brought you news of Finnish original crime drama, Cold Courage, which debuts on Nordic streaming service Viaplay this year.

Based in London, the production has added two high-profile British actors to its cast: John Simm and Caroline Goodall.

The series is based on the novels by Pekka Hiltunen (and adapted by Hinterland writer David Joss Buckley), and tells the story of two young Finnish women in London, who are drawn inexorably together via the Studio – a clandestine group dedicated to bringing justice to those beyond the law. But, as their battle against exploitation, violence and corporate greed intensifies, will the Studio’s ends continue to justify its means?

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  1. Seija says:

    Now that is an intriguing plot in the least. This series needs to be inspected, and with John Simm et al. in the lead – how can it turn out but well?


    1. Elizabeth Macpherson says:

      …I like John Simm & thought the same until that Hong Kong series :(

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