Series two of La Peste finishes filming, releases plotlines

Series one of Spanish-language historical thriller, La Peste (The Plague), won plaudits when it aired on BBC Four last year (not least from us – we included it in our top 20 best crime dramas of the year), and now news reaches us that series two is on its way.

According to Variety, the series has wrapped filming.

In terms of plot:

Season 2 kicks off five years after the last great epidemic of plague in Spain.  “For a century and a half, over 1519 to 1682, Spain dominated the world,“ said “The Plague“ producer José Antonio Félez. “Its Black Legend, which continues to this day, was a consequence of that.”

The plague now in the past, Seville remains in Season 2 the economic and cultural capital of the western world, maintaining its trade monopoly with the Indies; its wealth and influence are only moving one way: Up.

However, the same is true for the city’s population. As the number of people in the city and its hinterlands hits historical highs, the government is struggling to feed and provide public services for its people. Confronting huge social inequality, public discontent fuels organized crime. One mafia, the Garduña, rules the streets, taking advantage of the influx of local wealth and the inability of politicians to police the city.

In the New World’s Tierra del Fuego, series protagonist Mateo, his faith restored in humanity by a community he encounters there,  receives a letter from friend and Season 1 character Valerio, under death threat from Seville’s new mob bosses. Once returned to Seville he tries to help Teresa, the extraordinary feminist painter from Season 1, to rescue female prostitutes enslaved in Seville’s shanty slums, from the mob’s maws.

Meanwhile, having helped crush a rising in Aragon, Pontecorvo, a young ambitious soldier is appointed Capitán General of Andalusia, to deal with the mob. But how far can one man turn back the tide of history?

Series one, of course, was a big-budget affair: it used 130 locations, a 200-technician crew, 2,000 extras, over 250 sequences and multiple VHF effects to recreate 16th-century Seville, and had a budget of €1.5 million ($1.7 million) per episode.

Sounds like series two will be even bigger.

More news as we get it.


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  1. Richard Walker says:

    The first series was superb, can’t wait for S2


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