StarzPlay picks up Rig 45 for UK broadcast

We’ve had Swedish/Nordic series Rig 45 on our radars for quite a while now, and have been waiting for a UK broadcaster to be named.

Now we know that StarzPlay – accessed via Amazon Prime – will stream it here in the UK.

Rig 45 pick up two days before Christmas when Andrea is sent by Benthos Oil to investigate a fatal accident on a North Sea rig. Met by an inexplicable wall of silence from the crew, Andrea starts to suspect something is very wrong – and when a hurricane slams into Rig 45, cutting off all communications with the outside world, the crew find themselves battling both the elements and a shockingly devious killer.

It stars an international cast that includes Catherine Walker, Gary Lewis, Lisa Henni, and old favourite Søren Malling.

Here’s a trailer…

Look out for it from 22nd February.


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  1. Andy D says:

    The happiness of Rig45 is coming to the UK, the sadness of it being on StarzPlay. It’s like somebody gave me a cookie and kicked me in the nuts at the same time.


    1. Charlotte Carling says:

      Most sites offer a free trial so it’s worth checking if that’s the case with StarzPlay. Or maybe you just don’t like their streaming service?

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      1. Andy D says:

        In the spirit of honesty Charlotte I have wasted four different email addresses doing just that as I refuse to pay the extra subscription fee on a platform I already pay for. Aside from that it contains nothing of value bar Mr Mercedes (and now this show) – but it’s a problem across all these mini “channels” on Prime, they have a flagship show and then 20 other items nobody wants. That, and well, I’m a grump :D


      2. Charlotte Carling says:

        I see. Quite annoying then. I suppose you’ll have to decide if it’s tempting enough to make it a fifth. Maybe it’ll turn up elsewhere down the line?

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      3. Andy D says:

        I’ll grab it one way or the other. If anything it’s a shame that it’s on that service as so few people have it, so the viewing potential is very limited!

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      4. Charlotte Carling says:

        Did you have a look? Good, bad, average?

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      5. Andy D says:

        It’s on my list! If I do get to it rest assured there will be a boxset review on here ;)

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      6. Charlotte Carling says:

        I was just curious as reviews on this side of the North Sea were a bit tepid. It’s maybe a bit predictable and formulaic, but I still found it rather entertaining.

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      7. Charlotte Carling says:

        Just heard there is going to be a second series set in Scotland. Currently filming in Ireland.

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