Sagafilm to adapt Óskar Guðmundsson’s Hilma

Icelandic production company, Sagafilm, has announced that it has secured the rights to Óskar Guðmundsson’s novel, Hilma. The production company has been behind recent hits such as Stella Blómkvist, Case and the recent The Flatey Enigma.

“When I read Hilma by Óskar Guðmundsson, I found the story immediately as a television series. We are very pleased that Sagafilm is going to bet on Hilma’s police officer, she could not be in better hands and we are expecting to see her live on the screen, ”says Pétur Már Ólafsson, publisher of Bjartur & Veraldar.

Hilma first came out in 2015 and received the Hilma Blood Drop in 2016 as the best Icelandic crime novel and was subsequently a contribution to Iceland for the Glass Key as the best crime story in the Nordic countries.

“I and my novel are hardly more honoured that Sagafilm is going to do about TV show about Hilma. The character Hilma is very dear to me and I am confident that the audience will also be caught by her, this powerful person as well as her work with the investigating police,” said GuðmundssonHe also told us that although he won’t be involved in the adaptation, he will act as an advisor during the process.

Hilma features the eponymously-named police officer who investigates a suicide. The case takes an unexpected turn when Hilma links the case with three other deaths that have been treated as an accident or suicide more than two decades ago.



The Killing Times Podcast, episode nine: 35 Awr’s Fflur Dafydd

Episode nine of our podcasts features 35 Awr’s Fflur Dafydd.

A novelist, teacher and screenwriter, Fflur is the person behind S4C’s 35 Awr – a twisty-turny, Welsh-language thriller based around 12 jurors and the murder case they have to grapple with. Add jurors each with their own agenda (and secrets if their own), it’s an edge-of-your-seat watch.

In this episode, Fflur talks about her influences, the unusual approach to writing the series, and the undoubted rise of Welsh-language drama, especially Welsh crime drama.

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All4 names tranmission date for series two of Norskov

Danish series, Norskov, is making its way back to our screen thanks to Walter Presents.

Norskov’s first series focused on three childhood friends Tom, Martin, and Bondy who chose separate paths in life: Martin as mayor of Norskov, Bondy as a successful but corrupt entrepreneur, and Tom who left town and became a successful police detective.

Series two picks up eight months after. The women of Norskov play a stronger part in the drama and reflect the themes of identity, masculinity, and crime from new angles.

When entrepreneur Casper “Bondy” Bondesen is sentenced to prison for 14 years for drug trade, his Serbian born wife Claudia steps up as head of his construction company, taking charge of her own life. The imprisonment leaves Norskov’s well-known network in pieces, old collaborations are broken and alliances weakened. Claudia’s efforts to survive and find her way, bring her on collision course with the new harbour chief Martin’s plans of bringing the town towards green energy.

A rivalry starts, with Claudia on one side and Martin and his wife Jackie on the other, fuelled by misunderstandings, jealousy, and anger. When Claudia discovers that even her own husband is working against her from prison it seems her whole world is collapsing around her, can she trust anyone in Norskov?

Meanwhile Oliver feels like a stranger among his adoptive parents Martin and Jackie, so he chooses his blood ties to his uncle Bondy and an identity as a criminal… but is he ready to pay the price of being part of a criminal brotherhood?

Norskov (Series 2): Friday 1st March, All4

Altered Carbon announces cast for series two

Netflix’s Altered Carbon – a sort of sci-fi noir – is coming back for series two, and the streaming giant has not only announced  that production is underway but a whole array of new cast members.

Renée Elise Goldsberry and Chris Conner will reprise their roles as Quellcrist Falconer and Poe, respectively.

They will be joined by new cast additions Simone Missick; Dina Shihabi; German actor Torben Liebrecht and James Saito, headlined by Anthony Mackie as the lead Takeshi Kovacs, a role originated by Joel Kinnaman in series one.

Mackie will be the new embodiment of Kovacs, as the series continues to delve into the themes of identity, mortality, and the human soul across longer periods of times and different worlds throughout the universe.

Here’s the show’s rather novel casting announcement: