Rebecka Martinsson announces new lead actress for series two

We enjoyed the first series of Swedish crime drama, Rebecka Martinsson, when it aired in the UK on All4/Walter Presents last year. One of its strengths was the performance of lead actress, Ido Engvoll, who brought different dimensions to Rebecka (not least a level of ambiguity).

Now we’re hearing that Ingvoll has left the show to be replaced by a new actress.

Based on Åsa Larsson’s novels, the series tells of a Stockholm lawyer who returns to her icy northern Swedish hometown after a childhood friend’s death.

According to Expressen, TV4 and C More – the show’s Swedish broadcasters – have hired Sascha Zacharias to become the new Rebecka and that series two sees Rebecka Martinsson work as a prosecutor in Kiruna after she moved home to her grandmother’s house in Kurravaara. But she also has a past that she needs to deal with. Wh did Rebecka leave her father and live with her grandmother when she was a child?


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  1. Stephanie Roberts says:

    I can’t stand it when they replace the lead!!!

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  2. S in East Coast US, watching on Acorn TV says:

    Hopefully she wi have had LOTs of therapy and will discount the vicious words flung at her by murderess in last episode Re: mother not wanting her and death surrounding her, and will embrace life and love


  3. Sascha Merinsson was already on the show portraying Jenny Haggroth. Why would they choose someone who looks NOTHING like Ida Invall and has already been on the show???

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  4. Fozy says:

    Foe me Ido made the series, not sure I will be able to watch a replacement!!!!!!!


    1. EDWARD HAGERTY says:

      Really? Are you that thick that you can’t see the forest for the trees? What if Ido left of her own choosing to pursue another job? I guess you think that it is impossible for someone to change the color, length and style of their hair. Too much time has gone by to worry about who plays what part, let the acting run its course.


  5. David says:

    I’ve just watched the entire Series 2 with Sascha Zacharias as Rebecka. In many instances, she brings new depth and a slow-burning angst to the character, along with the deeply-guarded non-communicable turmoil that Ida Engvoll had espressed so wonderfully. The show has lost nothing, and probably gained a lot…………….stuff gets resolved! Keep watching!


    1. Seija says:

      Agree with you. At first I was wary of the newcomer S.Z. but episode by episode she grew on me, and finally I was ok with the lead change. And also, the stories became more interesting. The first episode/story of s2 is the weakest IMO.


  6. Zeke says:

    Hey, hey Dr Who is now a Woman! And it works quite well-


  7. Ricardo says:

    Bring back the lead actress from the first season she made it


    1. EDWARD HAGERTY says:

      You may have seen Season 1 of Rebecka Martinsson last year, well I saw it in 2017 on Acorn TV


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