Rebecka Martinsson announces new lead actress for series two

We enjoyed the first series of Swedish crime drama, Rebecka Martinsson, when it aired in the UK on All4/Walter Presents last year. One of its strengths was the performance of lead actress, Ido Engvoll, who brought different dimensions to Rebecka (not least a level of ambiguity).

Now we’re hearing that Ingvoll has left the show to be replaced by a new actress.

Based on Åsa Larsson’s novels, the series tells of a Stockholm lawyer who returns to her icy northern Swedish hometown after a childhood friend’s death.

According to Expressen, TV4 and C More – the show’s Swedish broadcasters – have hired Sascha Zacharias to become the new Rebecka and that series two sees Rebecka Martinsson work as a prosecutor in Kiruna after she moved home to her grandmother’s house in Kurravaara. But she also has a past that she needs to deal with. Wh did Rebecka leave her father and live with her grandmother when she was a child?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie Roberts says:

    I can’t stand it when they replace the lead!!!


  2. S in East Coast US, watching on Acorn TV says:

    Hopefully she wi have had LOTs of therapy and will discount the vicious words flung at her by murderess in last episode Re: mother not wanting her and death surrounding her, and will embrace life and love


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