Rebecka Martinsson announces new lead actress for series two

We enjoyed the first series of Swedish crime drama, Rebecka Martinsson, when it aired in the UK on All4/Walter Presents last year. One of its strengths was the performance of lead actress, Ido Engvoll, who brought different dimensions to Rebecka (not least a level of ambiguity).

Now we’re hearing that Ingvoll has left the show to be replaced by a new actress.

Based on Åsa Larsson’s novels, the series tells of a Stockholm lawyer who returns to her icy northern Swedish hometown after a childhood friend’s death.

According to Expressen, TV4 and C More – the show’s Swedish broadcasters – have hired Sascha Zacharias to become the new Rebecka and that series two sees Rebecka Martinsson work as a prosecutor in Kiruna after she moved home to her grandmother’s house in Kurravaara. But she also has a past that she needs to deal with. Wh did Rebecka leave her father and live with her grandmother when she was a child?



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  1. Stephanie Roberts says:

    I can’t stand it when they replace the lead!!!

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    1. Anne says:

      Me too! I loved Ido in the part… she was perfect for it!

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  2. S in East Coast US, watching on Acorn TV says:

    Hopefully she wi have had LOTs of therapy and will discount the vicious words flung at her by murderess in last episode Re: mother not wanting her and death surrounding her, and will embrace life and love

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  3. Sascha Merinsson was already on the show portraying Jenny Haggroth. Why would they choose someone who looks NOTHING like Ida Invall and has already been on the show???

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  4. Fozy says:

    Foe me Ido made the series, not sure I will be able to watch a replacement!!!!!!!

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    1. EDWARD HAGERTY says:

      Really? Are you that thick that you can’t see the forest for the trees? What if Ido left of her own choosing to pursue another job? I guess you think that it is impossible for someone to change the color, length and style of their hair. Too much time has gone by to worry about who plays what part, let the acting run its course.

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      1. izagallagher says:

        You are wrong she is a lolita to please the Americans. They like actorrs with Lolita or teenager looks.
        They replace everything with plastic. Plastic lawns, trees, everything is man made. Nothing is real. Women has to show they tits. Men their 6 packs.
        Nobody has wrinkles. They look orange imitating sun tan. Even in middle winter.
        The real Rebecka is Izabella Scorupco. The first, the number one and always.

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      2. EDWARD HAGERTY says:

        izagallagher, I’m clueless about what you’re complaining about! If the new actress had a good script to work with Season 2 could havebeen something, a contender!

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    2. ParkerWyeth says:

      Agreed. It just doesn’t work for me.

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    3. I totally agree! I watched the first 2 episodes, and I am really not into it at all! The chemistry with Christer is gone, too! I hate to sound shallow, but he has put on the lbs.! No mention of the little boy from the last season! The whole thing is strange! I absolutely was enthralled by the first season!

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      1. charlene Pires says:

        Loved season One with IDA I tried watching Season 2 with Sasha the acting by Sasha is Horrendous – Bring back IDA

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  5. David says:

    I’ve just watched the entire Series 2 with Sascha Zacharias as Rebecka. In many instances, she brings new depth and a slow-burning angst to the character, along with the deeply-guarded non-communicable turmoil that Ida Engvoll had espressed so wonderfully. The show has lost nothing, and probably gained a lot…………….stuff gets resolved! Keep watching!


    1. Seija says:

      Agree with you. At first I was wary of the newcomer S.Z. but episode by episode she grew on me, and finally I was ok with the lead change. And also, the stories became more interesting. The first episode/story of s2 is the weakest IMO.


  6. Zeke says:

    Hey, hey Dr Who is now a Woman! And it works quite well-


  7. Ricardo says:

    Bring back the lead actress from the first season she made it


    1. EDWARD HAGERTY says:

      You may have seen Season 1 of Rebecka Martinsson last year, well I saw it in 2017 on Acorn TV


  8. Ingvoll is super as Rebeka Martinnson. I don’t understand why she was replaced. It just won’t be the same. Ingvoll is a marvelous actress and so beautiful to watch. I’m so disappointed.


  9. informed1357 says:

    Really dumb to change the lead and then use a past totally different character to replace her. I have never seen that done before. It completely ruined it for me and my husband. We have no interest in seeing the second season now.


    1. martin says:

      Greetings from sunny South Africa.

      Last night, we were devastated to find that you have changed your main actress!

      Why on earth did you get rid of Ida Engvoll, the life and soul of your excellent series?

      She was incredible!

      She is a brilliant actress who was absolutely perfect for the part of Rebecka Martinsson.

      She has charisma and sensuality.
      She was so convincing in her role.

      Was she too good looking and sexy for the role?

      We are very disappointed in your
      decision to replace Ida.

      You have made a huge mistake!


      1. Paul Hirons says:

        From what I understand, it was Ida’s decision to leave. (We don’t make the show, by the way.)


      2. EDWARD HAGERTY says:

        Having watched Season 2 of Rebecka Martinsson, I gave it a C+. I don’t know who to blame, the Screenwriters or the Actress? Compared to Season 1 Season 2 was a mess. Half the time the lead actress seemed lost or maybe it was poor writing by the screenwriters. I was told that Season 2 didn’t use anything from the Books. the four stories were very weak and not believable. If there is a Season 3 I hope they give the actress something to work with.


  10. kent paltridge says:

    Maybe for season three they’ll get noomi rapace.


  11. Pamela Strandquest says:

    So disappointed.


  12. Josey says:

    Meeee toooo! Loved Ingvoll.! Don’t like when “they” change leads in a series. Loses continuity. Probably won’t watch. Changes the whole aspect of the series. Like watching a completely different program. Jmo.


  13. Susan says:

    Ok. Wasn’t happy about the switch in actresses; but like someone said earlier, once you start watching the series you forget all about it. Still love the show.


  14. Judy G. Jones says:

    My whole family liked Ida in the role of Rebecca. She was perfect and so interesting to watch. Why would anyone make a change. Dumb. Not watching anymore.


  15. Robert Wealleans says:

    Original actress was superior. Stories somewhat dull, plodding.


  16. Gordon says:

    I, too, was extremely disappointed that Ida left the show and angry at the people responsible for creating the situation. Ida was incredible in the show because of the depth she gave her character. Her range of emotions really made the stories real and human. I stopped watching Season 3. I couldn’t do it. I felt betrayed.


  17. Ellen Karadimas says:

    Ida should never have been replaced. She was fantastic and very charismatic in the role. Also brought a very modern, “hip” vibe to the show. The new girl looks too young and fresh-faced to play such a tormented, hard-edged character. Bring back Ida!


  18. kelly says:

    what happened to Markus? I couldn’t care less about the lead, but where is the boy?


  19. WayneandKaren Washburn says:

    I am very disappointed in the change of actors role of Rebecca. Ida was perfect for that part, in my opinion this new actor Sasha does a poor job of filling Ida shoes.


  20. Valerie Steiner says:

    Season 2… horrible! What a disappointment.


  21. Cdgrafics says:

    Ida was perfect. However I think her replacement is okay it’s just that when you invest in a character accept her flaws her slightly protruding front teeth with her overbite & she still is stunning you’d like her to stick around. It’s too bad she chose to leave this show but her replacement doesn’t convey her deep & troubled soul that was so profoundly displayed by Ida. I like the show but it’ll never be what it was because it’s as if our lead character died. We, the audience, got no background, no explanation as to what happened to the traumatized orphaned boy Marcus or why Rebecca’s love interest is with another woman or why he doesn’t care for the boy he bonded with, he’s just gone. Not very good writing for the show or they wouldn’t leave gaps in a nicely told series one.


  22. Mihls says:

    It is so disappointing with the lead replacement of the lead role in Rebecka Mårtensson. Sorry, hate to leave negative reviews but the new actress is such a different type that maybe in other roles would shine but does not convince in this. She is too shy and demure for this role and does not have the edge, the intensity, the ambivalence that was so beautifully portrayed by the previous actor. It has really made me loose interest


  23. Nobody seems to mention the poor directing.Talking to a murderess holding a shotgun isnt a good idea then brutally killing her dog whats that about? So no problems with the acting just the directing and/or the writing.
    I suppose if it had been on prime time TV over here there wouldnt be a further series after S1/ep8 and possibly a downturn on the actresses career.


  24. Mac Fletcher says:

    I was also very disappointed, though I think it unfair to the new actress to compare the two so discriminatingly. Ida was (is) stunning, magnetic and enigmatic and we loved her. I have only just started watching Series two and am also disappointed by the lack of continuity in the storyline: it would have been much easier to have accepted the ‘new girl’ had it started from scratch, but making such drastic changes without a hint of explanation has made it very difficult to pick up again. I would like to give Sascha a chance before judging her too quickly though.


  25. bj says:

    … replacing Ida Engvoll with Sascha Zacharias was never going to work for a majority of the viewers having watched season one… having another actor coming in and taking up the exact-character Engvoll established through eight episodes comes off as a very clumsy decision… ‘scheduling difficulties’ to have made it impossible for her to continue in the role is poor management… not contractually obligating lead actors.. especially in such a series a this one is bungling at the highest level

    … just a look at the two actors.. w/o a script re-wright this change-switch is just too implausible an obstacle to overcome… it’s like they just want their viewers to ignore-accept it & move on… Zacharias is a decent actor yet being thrown into this part does not do her any justice & detracts from the production… viewers must now decide to stick with a series with a replacement not to their liking… in a show that was having its issues to begin with… like that last ten minutes of season one being so ludicrous as to be laughable (how did THAT happen)

    … Engvoll left to do Love & Anarchy for Netflix… she should have stayed & as an executive producer used her clout to work at making it better


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