Mammon creator back with new Norwegian procedural

Mammon’s Gjermund S. Eriksen is back on Norwegian TV with For Life, a ‘fresh’ procedural that uses flashback structures to tell its story.

Year 2040. Top policewoman Victoria Woll in her early 60’s is sitting in jail, sentenced for life. Through each episode set nowadays but told in flashback, we see how the sharp detective Victoria is working on different cases with her team, we get to know the complex female cop, and her family – including her son and love interest. Slowly, the mystery around why she ended up in jail will be revealed.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond says that Helena Nielsen (Lilyhammer, Black Widows) co-created with Eriksen. Co-writers are Anne Elvedal (Twin, Hotel Cæsar), Hege Ulstein (Aber Bergen), and newcomers Ingar Johnsrud, Anders Borgesen and Anders Løvlie.

It will broadcast on NRK in its native Norway in 2020.


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