Walter Presents teases German series Bad Banks

Bad Banks sounds like it’s a very topical financial thriller, full of twists and turns set within some enormous financial institutions.

The six-part German series is coming to Channel 4/All4 thanks to Walter Presents, and has won a stack of awards in its native Germany.

After being wrongly fired, young and ambitious Jana is quickly recruited by a top competing bank in Frankfurt, thanks to the unexpected help of Christelle Leblanc, her former boss. Leaving her family behind, she moves to Germany where her drive and ambition quickly pay off and she manages to impress her new team and most crucially her new boss, banking supremo Gabriel Fenger. Despite this upwards trajectory and swift success, she soon realises that Leblanc has secretly been manipulating her, to her own advantage. Will Jana survive this merciless power play?

Here’s the trailer…

Bad Banks: Thursday 4th April, 11pm, Channel 4 (and then all episodes on All4)

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