REVIEW: The Bay (S1 E5/6)

At the end of episode four, The Bay took the decision to let DC Lisa Armstrong find the teenage girl she had been looking for – Holly Meredith – sheltering meekly in an abandoned lido.

I’m always fascinated when writers decide to do their big reveal. We saw it in The Widow last night, but that was in episode two. Here, it was revealed whether the missing was alive or dead at the end of episode four. ANd it makes sense here – the main thrust of The Bay has been a race against the clock search to find Holly, but now it gives us two episodes to find out what happened to her and why.

There was another reason why the writers may have decided to drop this reveal when they did: it was finally time for the shit to the fan. And, if you’ve been watching this series, you’ll know there’s plenty of shit to hit.

First off, the story of Rob, Lisa’s son, was dealt with. He had stolen his nan’s jewellery but when he tried to pawn it to raise the money for his latest online dare from his tormentor, he was locked in the shop by the suspicious shopkeeper and arrested by the police. Lisa, as you can imagine, wasn’t best pleased and it was explained that the teen was part of a forum where dares take place. So that was that.

Her other wayward teen, Abbie, was in all sorts as well. She carried out another errand for Vincent but became trapped inside a drug den, the inhabitants threatening her violently. It took Sam to rescue her.

I honestly thought that this sorry Teenager In Peril story would be taken care of in this episode, too, but events seemed to suggest that Vincent might be the man at the heart of all this. He’s very persuasive and threatening, and, as Holly began to recover, she made a phone call to a mystery man, telling him that she loved him.

Holly took her time in opening up, but when she did there was a bombshell: she told Lisa to check Sean’s boat, where she found a stash of drugs hidden onboard. Sean had been smuggling and was bang to rights.

Another bombshell she dropped was to do with her brother Dylan: she admitted to killing him accidentally after an argument. Her statement didn’t ring true, and it looked for all the while she was trying to protect someone. Who? Her mystery man?

Another bombshell: routine DNA checks and physical examinations concluded she was pregnant.

It was safe to say that Holly was in up to her neck in something. Just like Abbie. Perhaps the same thing.

If you’ve been reading my reviews of The Bay you’ll know I’ve been finding it difficult to get over the idea that Lisa had had sex with Sean on the night the twins went missing and didn’t think to take herself off the case when she found out he part of the investigation.

Tonight, her chickens came home to roost in spectacular style.

It took Med to take another look at the CCTV footage and see what Lisa was trying to hide – that she met Sean in the pub and she was the ‘other’ woman who he spent time with that night. When Jess Meredith overheard their little confessional in an alleyway at the side of the police station, Lisa knew that her time was up.

She went to DI Tony Manning and told all. As you would imagine, he wasn’t best pleased, asking her the question we’ve been asking since the first five minutes of the first episode: why didn’t she just take herself off the case? Finally, someone asking a sensible question.

She was suspended, and, I hate to say it, I had no sympathy for her whatsoever. And, when you say that about a main character in a six-part series, it gives you an indication of how I feel for the whole series.

Still, we do have some business to wrap up next week: namely Abbie’s storyline, and who did what to who and why? Will Vincent be at the heart of it all? Will there be an almighty twist? Will I care?

I say watch out for Sam’s dad, the councillor, who’s showing a strangely enthusiastic interest in Holly and what she has said to police.

Paul Hirons







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  1. Nelly says:

    You’ve promoted DS Lisa Armstrong))


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