BBC Four announces transmission date for series three of Cardinal

Arguably Canada’s most successful crime series, Cardinal, is on its way back to BBC Four.

Starring Billy Campbell as John Cardinal, series two left us with Cardinal discovering the suicide of his wife, Catherine (Deborah Hay).

It’s autumn in this year’s six-episode third series that returns to Algonquin Bay as Cardinal and his partner, Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse), investigate a double murder. Their investigation will also see them crossing paths with a doomsday cult.

It’s also the aftermath of Catherine’s suicide, and Cardinal outwardly accepts the evidence that she took her own life, but when he starts to receive taunting greeting cards blaming him for her death, he begins to question the suicide. Back on duty, Cardinal and Detective Lise Delorme are called to a bloody cottage crime scene where at least two people have died, but there are no bodies to be found. With resources stretched thin as Delorme also works a string of ATM robberies, a hunch of Cardinal’s leads them to the two bodies.

Here’s a trailer:

Cardinal (Series 3): Saturday 11th May, 9pm, BBC Four

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