SVT greenlights Malmö-based police drama

In the wake of the end of The Bridge, Swedish broadcaster SVT is looking for its next big crime hit.

Now news reaches us that it may have found it.

The Thin Blue Line is a 10-part series created by Cilla Jackert, who has previously worked on The Restaurant and Shed No Tears.

The work of the Swedish Malmö police is gritty and unglamorous. Despite dealing with death, social misery and the growth of criminal activity in the city’s notorious problem areas, they keep their spirits up thanks to the strong bonds of the police force.

Cast-wise, Amanda Jansson, Oscar Töringe, Gizem Erdogan (pictured), Per Larsson, Sandra Stojiljkovic and Anna Sise are all slated to appear.

The series is set to begin filming in June.


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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    This series aims to show the everyday reality faced by police officers and is reportedly going to be character driven rather than plot driven.

    In all likelihood, the difficulties and strains of today’s situation in Sweden where the police are seriously short staffed will also be a feature.


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