Knutby novel to be adapted for Swedish television

Knutby – Jonas Bonnier’s novel that tells of one of the most notorious murder cases in recent Swedish history – is getting the television treatment.

The story goes something like this:

Around 4.40am, 30-year-old IT entrepreneur Daniel Linde was shot in the head and chest and seriously wounded. Two hours later it was discovered that his employee and neighbour Alexandra Fossmo had also been shot. She was found dead in her bed. The murdered woman was married to Helge Fossmo, a pastor in a local Pentecostal church. Her husband had left with Daniel Linde in the ambulance to the hospital.

The next day 26-year-old Sara Svensson confessed to both shootings. She had worked as a nanny in the pastor’s family. Two weeks later, the pastor was also arrested, together with Daniel Linde’s wife. Wiretapping had revealed to the police that Sara Svensson and the pastor were lovers. They were both suspected of instigating the murder and murder attempt, but Linde’s wife was released after two weeks and never charged.

On July 30, 2004, Fossmo was sentenced to life in prison for instigated murder and instigated murder attempt; however, he was not convicted for killing his first wife. Sara Svensson, meanwhile, was sentenced to institutional psychiatric care. In 2006 Fossmo confessed in an interview that he had in fact been involved; until then he had denied all charges laid against him.

Expressen reports that the series will begin production next year and that Bonnier will be adapting.

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