David Tennant to star in new Channel 4 murder mystery

David Tennant – beloved Scottish actor who has a place in the crime drama hall of fame thanks to his role in Broadchurch – is to star in a new Channel 4 series, described by Variety as a, “drama following two families in the aftermath of a tragedy that claims the lives of a woman and her three children.”

In Deadwater Fell, Tennant (currently starring in Good Omens) plays Tom Kendrick, a trusted local doctor. After a house fire, which he survives, his wife, Kate, and their kids are found dead. When it emerges that they were not killed by the fire, the finger of suspicion points first to Tom and then to others. Anna Madely plays Kate, while Cush Jumbo plays Jess, who was the dead woman’s best friend and confidante.

The series has been created by Grantchester’s Daisy Coulam and will be filmed in Scotland.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Terry says:

    This sounds good. Can’t wait! I like David Tennant.


  2. Tenant is a great actor! Looking forward to this!


  3. Jon says:

    Currently at Culcreuch Castle in Fintry and they’re filming today!


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