Foyle’s War creator “up for new episodes” or even “new series”

Beloved classic Foyle’s War could be getting more episodes, or even a new series, according to creator Anthony Horowitz.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Horowitz said: “I’d certainly be up for a Christmas special or two if anybody asked.”

Addressing the series’ so-called ‘missing year’ of 1944, he said: “It would actually make a whole series!”

“Foyle’s War was a passion project for me from start to finish and I miss it to this day. I wrote the last episode of Foyle’s War in 2014, but no matter where I am in the world, people still tell me how much it means to them. And the repeats still get high viewing figures.”

The World War II detective drama initially ran from 2002 to 2007, but was brought back after a fan outcry in 2010. It was cancelled in 2015.



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  1. Tom says:

    I loved the first six series of Foyle’s War, when it was based in Hastings and the cast comprised Foyle, Milner and Stewart. Although I enjoyed the last two series when Foyle joined MI5 and Stewart followed him to London, I found them less engaging.

    Anthony Horowitz is a great writer so I have no doubt he can dream up an imaginative story line, however it’s been four years since series 8 was broadcast – five by the time it possibly makes it to our screens.

    If there are new episodes, rather than set the action in 1944 and pretend that the actors haven’t aged 10 years, I would prefer to see the story set five years on from series 8 – say 1952. It would be interesting to see the three main characters – after having gone their separate ways – serendipitously reunited to solve some particularly complex crimes.


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