Midsomer Murders to air on Bank Holiday Monday

Yes, it’s Bank Holiday this weekend in the UK, which means three whole days of no work (if you’re lucky).

It also means that TV channels bring our specials and different episodes.

Unfortunately, due to ITV’s strange scheduling policy when it comes to that hardy perennial, Midsomer Murder, we only get episodes from time to time, seemingly at random.

And that means this Bank Holiday Monday.

The episode we’re getting this Monday is entitled ‘The Lions Of Causton’.

Ex-rugby player and businessman Mark Adler (Nicholas Goh) seems to have the whole world at his feet; he’s the owner of the successful Causton Lions rugby team and has his beautiful and successful wife Samantha (Tamzin Outhwaite) by his side. However, Mark is mysteriously found dead in a cryotherapy chamber, normally used by the players for their physio. Is it murder or suicide? DCI Barnaby and DS Winter are called in to investigate.

Barnaby and Winter are quick to learn that not everyone was Mark’s biggest fan. Guy Bevan (Julian Lewis Jones) – scorned former coach of the Lions, is in the midst of launching a very public campaign against Mark and his apparent ‘band of thugs’.

Mark’s best friend and head coach Bill Viner (Don Gilet) couldn’t paint a more different picture of the Lion’s hero. Bill had struggled with an alcohol problem for years after an injury prematurely ended his career, but attributes Mark’s belief in him as the main reason for his sobriety. When asked about the circumstances of his injury Bill admits he could have been targeted during the match, having recently come out as gay.

As our detectives get more embroiled in the case, with an increasing list of suspects, including; Guy, Samantha, troubled star player Danny Wickham (Richard Rankin) and Neville (Michael Maloney) the physio, they begin to realise all is not what it seems. But before they can get to the bottom of the case, Barnaby and Winter are thrown by the death of victim number two; drowned in a chocolate shop kitchen. How can murders at a small confectionary shop and a large sports club be connected?

Barnaby and Winter desperately try to find the link between the two deaths when they discover that two of the suspects have been harbouring a secret relationship with each other, which leads Barnaby to believe these murders could have been motivated by love, not hate. Following this new theory, Barnaby and Winter hone in on the killer, but can they get to them before it reaches an explosive end?

Can’t wait until then? Here’s a compilation of some of the ‘best’ deaths from the series someone helpfully posted on Twitter.

Midsomer Murders: Monday 26th August, 8.30pm, ITV

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