Hans Rosenfeldt’s The Lawyer renewed for a second series

Hans Rosenfeldt’s The Lawyer has been renewed for a second series.

We’ll be reviewing series one at some point in the near future after its premiere in June on Walter Presents.

The series stars Alexander Karim, Malin Buska, Thomas Bo Larsen, Johannes Lassen and Nicolaj Kopernikus.

In series one, promising defence lawyer Frank Nordling (Karim) learns the truth behind his adoptive parents’ death, and his whole world unravels.

As children, Frank and his sister Sara witnessed their parents die in a car bomb explosion. As adults, Sara, now a policewoman, is still obsessing over solving their parents’ murder while Frank is making every attempt to put the past behind him. When Sara finally forces him into her investigation, they are shocked to find out their parents were killed by one of the leaders in Copenhagen’s criminal underworld, Thomas Waldman.

To Frank’s horror, Waldman also happens to be one of the most prominent clients of his friend’s law firm. In order to avenge his parents’ death, Frank must infiltrate Waldman’s organisation to become his personal lawyer and trusted confidant. But is it worth the price when it hits too close to home?

Series two has, according to Expressen already begun filming, and is expected to hit in 2020.

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