ITV orders new true crime dramatisation The Pembrokeshire Murders

ITV has ordered another true crime dramatisation.

In The Pembrokeshire Murders, two unsolved double murders from the 1980s cast a shadow over the work of the Dyfed Powys police force. In 2006, newly promoted Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins (Luke Evans) decided to reopen both cases.

Employing pioneering forensic methods, Wilkins and his handpicked team found microscopic DNA and fibres that potentially linked the murders to a string of burglaries committed in the 80s and 90s. The perpetrator of those robberies was nearing the end of his prison sentence, but if Steve Wilkins was right, he was also a serial killer … Could Steve and his team find enough forensic evidence to charge their suspect before he was released to potentially kill again?

Rounding out the cast is Keith Allen as John Cooper, Owen Teale as Gerard Elias, Alexandria Riley as Jackie Richards, Caroline Berry as Pat Cooper, Oliver Ryan as Andrew Cooper and David Fynn as ITV News journalist Jonathan Hill.

Channel 4 releases first trailer for Baghdad Central

One of the series we’re looking forward to is Channel 4’s Baghdad Central.

The six-part series, based on the novel by Elliott Colla, is set in the Iraqi capital at the time of the American occupation at the start of the century.

And now the channel has released a trailer.

October 2003 and Baghdad has been occupied by American forces for six months; but the disbandment of the Iraqi army, the police and civil leadership in the aftermath of the invasion means there is no one in charge and no effective rule of law.

In the midst of this chaos, crime and paranoia, Iraqi ex-policeman Muhsin al-Khafaji (Waleed Zuaiter) has lost everything and is battling daily to keep himself and his sick daughter, Mrouj (July Namirl), safe.

But when he learns that his estranged elder daughter Sawsan (Leem Lubany) is missing Khafaji is forced into a desperate search to find her. He soon finds himself up against her enigmatic university tutor, Professor Zubeida Rashid (Clara Khoury) and discovers that Sawsan and her two close friends Sanaa (Nora El Koussour) and Zahra (Maisa Abd Elhadi) have been leading a hidden life that’s led them into great danger.

Having seen the first episode, this is going to be a goodie.