TV4 announced transmission date for new Swedish crime drama Bäckström

Swedish channel, TV4, has announced the transmission date of its latest crime drama, Bäckström.

The six-episode series is based on Leif GW Persson’s character Evert Bäckström, the series revolves around homicide detective Evert Bäckström (Kjell Bergqvist), who boasts that he has solved 99 per cent of all cases he investigated. But when a skull with bullet holes is found on an uninhabited island in the archipelago, Bäckström is confronted with a more difficult mystery than he could have imagined.

Bergqvist is joined by Agnes Lindström Bolmgren, Helen Sjöholm, Linus Wahlgren and Elvis Stegmar.

Currently, no UK transmission date or broadcaster has been announced. More news as we get it.

Bäckström:  Tuesday 7th April, 9pm, TV4 (23rd March on CMore)

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