Melissa Leo to star in new genetic genealogy crime drama Blood Relative

Oscar-winning actress Melissa Leo has signed on for Fox’s drama pilot Blood Relative.

The series is a forensic genealogy-themed crime drama from writer-producer Chris Levinson and producer Liza Chasin, and based on James Renner’s 2018 article Beyond the Jungle of Bad: The True Story of Two Women from California Who Are Solving All the Mysteries, about Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick and Dr Margaret Press, who have combined their genealogy expertise to push the boundaries of forensic science and help law enforcement identify Joe and Jane Does and track down serial killers.

It’s the latest tool in crime scene forensics, don’t you know.

Leo plays Lou Kelly, who has an IQ in the 190s. She wrote the book on genetic genealogy and can trace anyone if she has a viable tissue sample to play with – John and Jane Does, errant husbands, long-lost children, murderers in hiding, anyone with a secret life. But Lou has a habit of burning bridges as she goes. Sarcastic, sardonic, irritable and confrontational, she’s the smartest person in the room with no time to explain her methods to average folks. Except her little brother, John. It’s through working with her brother to solve the toughest of cases that secrets from their past will start to bubble to the surface. Threatening their relationship and their father’s legacy as a respected lieutenant, community leader and all-around good guy. And maybe that’s exactly what will set Lou free.