Caliphate gets transmission date on Netflix

Swedish series Caliphate (Kalifat) is set to make its bow on Netflix in March.

Aliette Opheim plays the lead role of Sapo agent Fatima in the series that revolves around five young women whose lives are intertwined in a story of religious fundamentalism. “Perhaps this is the most difficult and courageous TV series project that Swedish screenwriters have embarked on,” says Anna Croneman, programme director at SVT Drama.

Caliphate starts in the autumn of 2015. Säpo agent Fatima gets a call that Pervin, a young Swedish woman, is stuck in Raqqa where her husband Husam is connected to IS.

Pervin fears for her and her daughter’s life, while telling Fatima that her husband and his group of Swedish jihadists are planning a terrorist attack in Sweden. One of them is already in Sweden to prepare for the attack.

Caliphate: From Wednesday 18th March, Netflix

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Carla says:

    Excellent, acting,story, had to binge watching all episodes, wanting more, when is season 2,3,..


    1. johnpaul says:

      Im the same, stuck indoors because of lockdown and just watched the full season 1. I hope season 2 is soon haha


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