All4/Walter Presents confirms transmission date for series two of Before We Die

After the smash-hit first series, the hotly anticipated Swedish series Before We Die returns to All4/Walter Presents, starting off on Channel 4 first.

We’ll get to see Hanna, Bjorn and Christian attempt to untangle themselves from life-threatening danger. But this is quicksand, and the more you struggle, the deeper you sink…

 With Davor finally out of the way, Hanna and Bjorn now have to keep Christian as safe from the Mimica family as humanly possible. But Hanna has been tasked with a new secret role; to find the rat amongst the police. She can’t resist using her now experienced son to infiltrate a circle of corrupt cops, meaning Christian must create a brand-new identity and become an informant yet again. But after his trauma from the Mimica family, he is not in the right headspace and gets much closer to the Circle than anyone wanted. Yet he is not the only one with a personal connection to this group of dark underground criminals, creating an impossible network of misplaced loyalties…

Before We Die (Series 2): Sunday 15th March, 11pm, Channel 4 (then all episodes on All4)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Elaine Waumsley says:

    Can’t see the date when is it?


    1. Terry I. says:

      Before We Die (Series 2): Sunday 15th March, 11pm, Channel 4 (then all episodes on All4)


  2. Elizabeth Macpherson says:

    I thought this series was marvellous….I must have, as I remember the title!


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