Lost Peter Cushing-era Sherlock Holmes episodes found

Sherlock Holmes has been the most iconic detective in history, with countless incarnations in TV and film.

One of the forgotten actors who played Sherlock was the great Peter Cushing, who wore the deerstalker for two BBC series in the mid-1960s.

Like so many classic BBC series many episodes were lost. But now some episodes have been found.

The Yorkshire Post says that some have been found after an intense search by reporter, Tony Earnshaw.

“A huge amount of BBC material was wiped in the 1970s, allegedly to allow tape stock to be re-used. Among the victims were Doctor Who, Dad’s Army and Sherlock Holmes.

“Via a friendly mole at the BBC, I was able to watch on time-coded videocassettes the handful of episodes that still existed. The rest had been wiped. Later those remaining stories would emerge on DVD. Fans of the character – and of Cushing – could only lament the loss of the others and, if old enough, recall their broadcast all those years before.

“Flash forward two decades and Holmes aficionados have thrilled to the news that clips of the missing episodes have been found in the public television archives of Holland and Flanders. Just like Doctor Who, Cushing’s TV series had been transferred to film for overseas syndication.”

Cushing first played the sleuth in films from The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1959 and up to 1984’s The Masks of Death.

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