BBC Four confirms transmission date for The Last Wave

BBC Four has been quiet recently, ever since Wisting and the very average Twin, but now it has announced that a new French series is to take the Saturday-night slot.

Six-part French drama, The Last Wave (La dernière vague), is coming in a week or so’s time. And, furthermore, it stars Witnesses’ Marie Dompnier.

It’s set during a surfing competition in Biarritz when a huge ominous cloud takes over the sky. As the cloud and sea meet, a jaw-dropping 3km wave appears, engulfing all the participants. As the days pass, the mystery deepens when the surfers begin to return home dazed and confused, with no memory of where they have been or what happened to them.

One by one, the returning surfers discover that they have been changed by the event and each possesses exceptional and inexplicable powers. With the town united in fear, waiting for another wave to strike, scientist Ben Lebon makes an amazing discovery concerning the mysterious cloud hovering over the ocean: a discovery that has far-reaching consequences for all of Brizan’s residents.

It obviously has a supernatural element, so we’re not quite sure whether it’s a full-on crime drama or not.

The Last Wave: Saturday 25th July, 9pm, BBC Four

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