Young Wallander: First trailer released, new plot details emerge

One of the series many crime fans are looking forward to is Netflix’s Young Wallander.

Adam Pålsson is stepping into the shows of the legendary Kurt Wallander, while Richard Dillane plays the role of police commissioner Hemberg, Leanne Best plays Frida Rask, while Ellise Chappell and Yasen Atour play the characters Mona and Reza.

What’s more this is looking increasingly likely that this will not be an origin story – more a “modern interpretation of the legendary criminal policeman Kurt Wallander.”

Netflix says: “This time it is taking place in contemporary Sweden – and a society that is becoming increasingly violent. When Kurt fails to save a teenager from a terrible attack, he must learn to live with the guilt in order to solve the case.”

Here’s the first trailer:

The cast also includes Charles Mnene, Jacob Collins-Levy, Alan Emrys and Kiza Deen, who play the characters Bash, Karl-Axel Munck, Gustav Munck and Mariam. 

Look out for it this autumn.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy D says:

    So it’s just Wallander then LOL? (With a much younger actor)


  2. Seija says:

    Oh no, not Adam Pålsson… He’s much too of a cardboard type of an actor IMO, at least he was in Moscow Noir. Hopefully I’m proven wrong this time around.


    1. Karen Mulhern says:

      I’m just happy it’s set in current times…getting real tired of period and historical dramas.


  3. Terry I. says:

    Saw him in Before We Die. He was pretty good. Looking forward to seeing this new version of Wallander.


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