Walter Presents confirms transmission details for Moscow Noir

We’re gearing up for the autumn season, and it seems Walter Presents has some treats in store for us.

Aside from Senegalese crime drama Sakho And Mangane (read that story here) and Amsterdam Noir, All4/Channel 4’s foreign-language drama brand has revealed that Moscow Noir is now on the horizon.

It stars flavour of the month Adam Pålsson (who we’ll also see in September in Netflix’s Young Wallander) and created by Mikael Håfström.

It’s 1999, the height of the Wild East, where post-communist chaos means that only one law reigns: money. A risky deal plunges the Swedish Tom Blixen into a battle between millionaires, oligarchs and their private armies. He is dragged into a mystery whose layers reveal themselves like a Babushka doll, leaving death – his own and his loved ones – only one step behind. As fact and fiction converge, Tom finds himself in a world of ghosts, both living and dead. But the most haunting ghost of all is still inside him…

Moscow Noir: Sunday 13th September, 11pm, Channel 4 (all episodes available on All4 from 11th September)

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