Spiral: Canal+ confirms series eight transmission date and adds plot lines

We know that the final series of Spiral (Engrenages) is imminent in its native France.

We’ve seen a trailer for it, and now we know when it’s going to start.

With a September 7th start date in France, we now have some log lines too, which sketches out the plot.

Incarcerated pending trial, Gilou sees the chance to redeem himself when Brémont asks him to get closer to crimelord and to infiltrate his gang of robbers. 

Elsewhere, Laure and Ali are investigating the death of a young Moroccan migrant, whose body was found in a laundry in Barbès. 

Joséphine forms an intense relationship with Souleymane, a teen suspected of the murder she is defending. As for Commissioner Beckriche, he will have a lot to do with Lucie Bourdieu, a young judge who tracks down the slightest deviation from the procedure. Things will get complicated when Laure and Gilou’s affairs turn out to be linked, and to complete their investigations, they will again make an alliance and take all the risks.

There’s still no word when this final series will come to BBC Four.


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