Mystery Road: BBC Four confirms transmission date for series two

BBC Four has confirmed the transmission date for series two of Mystery Road.

The Aussie Noir – which guest stars The Bridge’s Sofia Helin in series two – is good to go from the middle of this month (September).

The six-episode series will be shown in double-bills every Saturday night from Saturday 19th September.

Series two sees Detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen) take on a grisly case in a new town in order to be closer to his family, but has he left it too late? Set in a small coastal community where the desert meets the ocean, secrets past and present run deep and dark.

Jay must reconcile the law and deep lore and confront a dangerous enemy in a world where deception is king.

Helin plays an archaeologist.

Mystery Road (Series 2): Saturday 19th September, BBC Four


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  1. Rob Buckley says:

    It’s also worth mentioning that Callan Mulvey of Underbelly (and Captain America: The Winter Soldier) fame has a prominent role in it.

    Be braced for Sofia Helin’s role, though. Let’s just say it’s not the most authentic depiction of archaeologists you’ll ever see.

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    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Cheers Rob. I think crime fans will be excited to see Sofia in action again, even if she perhaps doesn’t know her trowel from her shovel


    2. Charlotte Carling says:

      I read somewhere that they had meant to have an archaeologist on site to help with the authenticity, but that it fell through too late and they just went ahead without finding a replacement. Not sure if it’s what actually happened, but I definitely agree with you, it wasn’t very convincingly done.


      1. Seija says:

        No men hej, Charlotte! Vad trevligt att se dig här :)

        This is a series I will try to see asap.


      2. Charlotte Carling says:

        Hej Seija! I’m afraid I’ve not been hanging round the comment section very much this year as my viewing has been a bit misaligned to reviews and posts.
        I’ll send you a list this evening of some more Nordic titles than what made it onto Paul’s preview – some things are more thrillers than crime so don’t make the cut. And I’d like to know if you’ve seen Rauhantekijä. I’m hoping it will come to SVT soon.


      3. Seija says:

        CC, a quick answer to your question: Rauhantekijä/Peacemaker (2020-) is on YLE1 as I write this. It just started a week ago, but haven’t had the chance to check it out, yet.


      4. Charlotte Carling says:

        Oh, I see. I just saw very recently that it was on YLE Areena and it looked like all of it was available already so I thought it had been out for a bit. I must have got it wrong. I’m hoping it turns up here soon. SVT were reasonably quick about broadcasting Paratiisi, but I guess it all depends on how many series have been delayed in production in the last six months, and how to space out the ones they have, in order to cover the gaps in the schedule.

        Has Mystery Road been on in Finland? We had the series on TV4, and the previous films were on SVT. I’m a big fan of both films and series.


      5. Seija says:

        YLE Areena has adopted a habit where they put out all the episodes for many of the series at once, although we still get only one episode per week for some series. I guess it depends on the contract?

        Sadly, no Mystery Road on the public channels – nor the films or the series :/

        But All the Sins S1 will start on Wednesday on YLE2, I looking forward to that.


      6. Charlotte Carling says:

        Yes, SVT has started releasing box sets occasionally too. I guess they’re trying to adapt to the way a lot of viewers are used to watching series these days. Today SVT made all of Sommaren 85 available. Looks like it might be a fun dramedy. The trailer should be viewable abroad.

        Look here, both series of Mystery Road are available and you can “kokeile 2 vko ilmaiseksi” :) (If you can find the first film before watching the series, it’ll give you a good background for the main character, but if not just go for S1 and S2).

        I’m surprised All the Sins is on YLE. Maybe the are trying to reach a larger audience before S2 will be available on Elisa Viihde this autumn?
        (Did you check the list I sent you?)


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