Channel 4 announces remake of Swedish series Before We Die

Channel 4 has commissioned six-part crime thriller, Before We Die, starring Lesley Sharp, Vincent Regan and Patrick Gibson.

The remake of the Swedish series it’s produced by from newly formed production company, Eagle Eye Drama, launched by the same team behind global drama brand, Walter Presents.

Set in Bristol, it Sharp leads the cast as detective Hannah Laing who becomes deeply conflicted when she discovers her son is playing a crucial role as an undercover informant in a brutal murder investigation. Gibson plays the role of her mixed-up son, Christian, while Croatian actor Toni Gojanović will take on the role of Davor Mimica the leader of the criminal gang. Regan stars as Billy Murdoch, a non-conformist investigator, who is seconded to Hannah’s unit to advise on Eastern European drug gangs.

Channel 4 Head of Drama Caroline Hollick, who commissioned the series, says: “Every episode of Before We Die is a rollercoaster of excitement – and I’m so delighted to have Lesley Sharp bring her trademark gravitas and charisma to Channel 4.  It’s a privilege to be part of this truly inspiring European collaboration.”

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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    So, no mention of biker gangs for this adaptation? I suppose they are less of a serious thing in the UK compared to Scandinavia and other places in Europe, so it might be odd to include that part of the original plot.

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    1. Andy D says:

      I think we discussed this before when the original was aired here, they exist in the UK but definitely not to the “Sons of Anarchy” levels you’d associate with them elsewhere. It certainly wouldn’t sit right with UK audiences in the same way I think, they’d not find it “believable” – so I suspect they’ll excise that idea completely and this adaptation will just have the Mimica clan as straight-foward Eastern European mobsters, the standard trope of UK Television.

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      1. Charlotte Carling says:

        Yes, I’m sure they’ll just pick some other type of criminal gang that is more common to the UK. They will definitely need one or two rivalling gangs or families to pit against each other in a fight over market shares and whatnot. I thought it was quite good the way they used the Mimica family and the biker gangs to show two different kinds of organised crime. It was also a way of showing, by comparison, that Davor was a much more calculated criminal than any of the others. His ruthlessness seemed different too.
        While I’m not generally in favour of remakes, it’ll be interesting to see in what way this series will be the same as the original and in what way it will be different.

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  2. Charlotte Carling says:

    Actually, I wonder if this might mean they’ve given up any thought they still had of doing a third series of the original…


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