Agatha Christie : Channel 5 confirms transmission date of new adventure

It seems we can’t get enough of Agatha Christie.

Channel 5 has been trotting out enjoyable one-offs, starring Helen Baxendale as Christie herself in fictional adventures.

The next one – Agatha And The Midnight Murders – is set in London in 1940 and is coming very soon.

As the Blitz rages and her future is threatened by fallout from the war, Agatha Christie makes the decision to kill off her most famous creation. After twelve Poirot novels in six years, Agatha should be a rich woman. Instead, she’s struggling to make ends meet: America’s financial chokehold of Britain has cut off royalties and the tax authorities in the US and UK are investigating her.

Killing her most popular character in the midst of this turmoil seems almost spiteful. But Agatha, pragmatic and resourceful as ever, has a plan: she is selling the novel of Poirot’s death to a private buyer, a superfan who will pay a fortune to own a piece of history and keep the beloved detective alive. Fourteen years ago, Agatha met Travis Pickford, a charming grifter who transformed himself from murder suspect to ally. Who better to help broker a dubious deal than a man for whom skirting the law is career necessity? Having agreed a commission with Agatha, Travis arranges a late-night exchange at an infamous London hotel.

Agatha Christie And The Midnight Murders: Wednesday 7th October, 9pm, Channel 5


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  1. Terry I. says:

    Can’t wait! Sounds good👍👍


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